Climbing on sandstone Tisá, Ostrov, Snežník, Elbe Valley

Sandstone climbing, an adventurous and unique discipline unparalleled in the world, is sometimes compared to alpine climbing. Most of the climbing is done on freestanding towers in beautiful and still wild nature, which is sometimes challenging to navigate, and the second climber is always belayed to the top.

The rich history of the first climbed towers dates back to the 19th century and the common goal of all the first ascentionists has always been to create bold routes with a minimum of fixed belaying (iron rings) and to use for belaying as much as possible textile slings that the climber himself establishes. Thanks to this, the atmosphere of adventure and the unknown has been preserved for more than a hundred years.


What we can offer

• guided climbing on towers and massifs of difficulty II- XII
• discovering the climbing areas of Northern Bohemia - Tisá, Ostrov, Snežník, Elbe Valley, but also other regions such as Adršpach and Bohemian Paradise are possible
• teaching basic methodology - knots, belaying, how to set up slings, belay from the top of the tower etc.
• Lots of useful advice about climbing, technique and tactics during climbing
• 5-6 hours spent in the rocks.


Who wil guide you

Guiding is done by Matěj Svojtka. Based in Tisá where he moved from Prague to be closer to the rocks. Climbing and making first ascents on sandstone has been his life for almost twenty years, he has drilled more than a hundred routes and climbed up to XIIa (the Black Pearl route in the Elbe Valley). He speaks fluent English, Spanish and some German and most importantly for this job, he likes people. 

You can check his climbing on Youtube or Instagram.



6 hodin / 3300 Kč (135 EUR)

One Person

6 hodin / 2200 Kč (90 EUR)

two or more person per individual


Please feel free to contact on:
Whatsapp +420 733 303 931 or Mail